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About the Product

**Patent Pending**


Although there are child safety items that promote the safe keep of our children, such as GPS trackers, I.D. chip implants and accessories that double as watches and tracking devices, they do not offer a practical and/or realistic form of protection. Over the years, GPS tracking devices can run up to thousands of dollars, I.D. chip implants are unrealistically attainable by the average person and require monthly maintenance fees, which can amount to thousands of dollars, and watch/tracking devices are easily removable, defying the purpose of the very same item.

"Anti-Kidnapping Wristbands Kit"

How It Works

This product consists of two wristbands (a transmitter and a receiver wristband) and a master key. The child wears one,“Wristband A”, and the parent or guardian of the individual wears the other, “Wristband B”. The wristbands are impenetrable unless opened by the master key, which is possessed by the guardian or parent.


These units act as distance-tracking devices that are irremovable by the child. The child’s wristband is programmed to a desired distance by the parent. If the child surpasses the programmed distance or if the wristband is attempted to be removed (i.e. cut, torn, etc) the child’s wristband will then transmit a signal to its partner wristband, warning the user of the trespass.

Wristband A: Child Wristband (transmitter)


ASpanish/A5.jpg ASpanish/A2.jpg ASpanish/A1.jpg ASpanish/Picture3-spanish.jpg

Wristband B: Guardian Wristband (receiver)


BSpanish/B5.jpg BSpanish/B4.jpg BSpanish/B3.jpg BSpanish/B2.jpg
BSpanish/B1.jpg BSpanish/A4.jpg BSpanish/A3.jpg

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